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Pioneering blockchain tech since 2013

We envision a future where every physical product has a digital history, allowing you to trace and verify its origins, attributes and impact.

Accessible, trustworthy information

Our platform allows businesses to make themselves, their products and supply chains more transparent and traceable. Proof Points are a software solution that enable businesses to prove a statement of impact in a way that has integrity and can easily be shared to communicate information to shoppers. It can be linked to a business or a product. They are part of the Provenance platform, which uses blockchain technology to track batches of a product with their attributes peer-to-peer through a supply chain to enable trusted traceability.

The blockchain

Provenance is building a system for materials and products to be traceable and transparent using a new kind of data system called a blockchain. It is for securely storing information - inherently auditable, unchangeable and open. We are working towards an open protocol - that anyone can use to make their business and products transparent and trustworthy.

Linking digital with physical

Provenance data can be linked to any physical product – through labelling, smart tags and through embeds for your website or app. Bring Provenance to wherever your products are – online and on product. We often work in partnership with hardware and smart tagging companies.

A secure, open registry

Until now centralised data systems were the only way to power a transparency and traceability system for materials to ensure data was trustworthy. Blockchain technology changes this fundamentally. We believe it can disrupt how we track the attributes and journey of every material thing - powering a system everyone in the supply chain can be part of.

Reinforcing trust with our partners

Provenance works in partnership with many certifiers, auditors and data businesses to bring verified information to the point of sale all along the supply chain.

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