The Provenance platform is priced to fit your business. It’s important to us that Provenance be accessible to all. If you are a micro-business (turning over less than £100k/yr with limited growth), or if you’re interested in our consulting, content and bespoke development services, please get in touch.


For small makers and producers to showcase their craft and get discovered by shoppers.


For small businesses that make or sell something to drive increased sales through product storytelling and claim verification.


For larger organisations to create transparency and ensure trust by connecting the supply chain and proving authenticity.

Pricing and feature information for all Provenance plans
  Artisan Artisan Business Business Enterprise Enterprise
Price per month $65 / £49 $365 / £279 From $775 / £599
Price per year (pay up front)* $650 / £490 $3,650 / £2,790 $7,750 / £5,990
Be a transparent business
Have a Provenance member profile
Share stories with our tools
Stand out with proven claims
Get discovered on our 'Explore' microsite
Showcase transparent products
Provenance your Products with information 3 20 custom
Stand out with proven claims
Share your product journeys
Engage your customers
Use our publishing suite
Display Provenance “on pack” 3 products 20 products custom
Showcase a Provenance badge Awarded to businesses and products that meet a minimum level of transparency
Track with transparent, traceable batches
Create Provenance digital passports 6 batches per month 40 batches per month custom
Track assets to final product - manual custom integrations available
Utilise our Support
Embedded content hits per month 500 4,000 custom
Minimum contract term Rolling monthly or annually Rolling monthly or annually 12 months
1-to-1 support email + chat call + email + chat call + email + chat
Traffic bolt-ons £ - call us £ - call us custom

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