Case Studies

Over 200 retailers and producers in the food and drinks industry use our software service to help prove the provenance of their products. Explore our featured success stories below, or sign up here to get started for free.

Made in Newlyn, United Kingdom by Newlyn Fish Company

Setting a new standard for transparency in coffee

Bridgehead Coffee is using the Provenance platform to create a digital supply chain that champions transparency and stands out amongst competitors. Their pioneering approach uses our platform in activations across their cafés and website to open their supply chain and prove key claims in a way that’s put them firmly ahead of the pack in the coffee industry.

Tracking proven sustainability claims through global supply chains

Taking traceability solutions to the next level, Provenance enables a robust digital proof for sustainably-sourced and slavery-free products. We worked with over 12 Pole and Line certified producers in SE Asia to track fish through the supply chain for UK, Japanese and US markets.

Leveraging new technologies to fund fair, sustainable smallholder farming

Provenance is working with Unilever, Sainsbury’s and a consortium of banks, NGOs and technology startups to drive change for small-scale farmers. Together, we have created the Trado blueprint: a new, inclusive model that aims to enable investment in sustainable smallholder farming in the developing world without brands injecting more money into the system.

Communicating a sustainable fashion story in-store

How can a small fashion brand built on sustainability and ethical practices bring that impact story to shoppers? Innovative designer Martina Spetlova used the Provenance platform to easily turn her story into a mobile in-store experience.

Increasing sales conversion by sharing social impact on e-commerce

Can impact stories help improve engagement online and ultimately increase online conversion? Fuchsia Shoes use the Provenance platform to share their social impact with online shoppers. Resulting in higher online engagement and increased e-commerce conversion.

Setting a new standard for trust in food retail

Our work with The Co-op takes “source to shelf” to the next level, using real-time data to prove the journey and credentials of fresh produce.

Building a new, 100% transparent direct-to-consumer brand

Bringing the world’s first fully-recyclable carpet product to market with a pioneering brand that enables a whole new level of customer trust. Leading carpet manufacturer DSM-Niaga launched the Canary brand using the Provenance platform. This allows them to prove and communicate materials, processes and impact to deliver end-to-end, real-time traceability to customers.

Increasing transparency in fashion with blockchain

Tracking the journey of raw material through the supply chain, this collaboration between fashion designer Martine Jarlgaard and Provenance highlights the role of blockchain technology in increasing transparency and substantiating claims in the fashion industry.

Engage directly with supermarket shoppers through on-pack transparency

With the Provenance platform, Pontino, an artisan Italian bakery, shared the process behind making their bread directly with supermarket shoppers, all in a mobile-friendly experience. This enabled Pontino to develop loyalty and differentiate their latest premium loaf against lower-priced options.

Empowering small, independent food brands with digital transparency tools

Provenance benefits small businesses - both producers and retailers. Read how our platform has enabled a farmers’ cooperative in the USA to provide their customers with full traceability on the products they buy.

A digital future for certification

It’s time to increase the integrity and interactivity of certifications. Provenance and Soil Association Organic are working together to reinforce the value of certification, bringing an interactive version of the organic mark to the supply chain and the point of sale.

Proof of fair payment on the blockchain

Provenance technology supports fair trading in the digital age. Working in an international coconut supply chain, our software was extended to create a system that proves the exact living wage payment for product batches.

Build trust through transparency with Provenance

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