We help organisations build trust with transparency

Our world-class team – including strategists, designers and developers – are ‘tech-enabled transparency’ specialists. We don’t do anything else.

Our team at Provenance HQ, London, UK

Our services

  • Workshops

    Discover the transparency movement and the technology that’s powering it. Come away with a commercial plan bespoke to your business, product and supply chain.

  • System design
    System design

    Just like all forms of communication, transparency is different for every business. We work with you to design the right solution for your strategy.

  • Content creation
    Content creation

    Transparency isn’t just about data, it’s also about engaging your customers with true stories – from a drone film on a farm to sourcing user generated content – we can help you capture the stories that make your business great.

  • Intelligence

    As transparency specialists, we collect insights from across the movement – from consumer behaviour to blockchain development updates – to inform our clients as they plan for the future both at events and through bespoke reports.

Discover the transparency movement

73% of millennials in the UK are willing to pay more for products from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact. When purchasing food products, 8 in 10 consumers check the origin.

Source: Nielsen, 2015 and Elementar UK, 2017

Transparency as bespoke as your brand

If you are looking for something highly customised, you can save money and time by powering your transparency digitally with our platform. From an interactive map of suppliers to a unique AR experience for each product – Provenance team can work with your brand, an agency or developer to create highly-bespoke transparency stories.

Join pioneering brands from all over the world

From Sydney to San Francisco, businesses are making their products transparent and trackable, reducing risk and increasing sales with Provenance-powered trust.

A team of creatives and consultants

Supply chains are complex. Collaboration is key. Our team of strategists, designers and technologists work creatively with our partners to help solve some of the biggest supply chain challenges. We work with decision -makers across the value chain – from farmers, to retailers, through to certifiers and many more – to make transparency a reality. Louise Garvin
Head of Projects at Provenance,
formerly Associate Director at Javelin Group

Discover the benefits of being a transparent business

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